Ekiti tracker: Projects in the Ekiti state 2017 budget according to Fayose

by Ajadi Daniel

What do you expect from Ekiti state 2017 budget? though the budget has not been passed, but one can make allusions from the governor’s own statement made in the course of the presentation.

There is no doubting the fact that Fayose has made the stomach infrastructure scheme the bed rock of his administration, hence you can be sure that the governor would continue with scheme. According to him “Our Social Security Scheme will receive additional boost with provision for widows and women empowerment,”

Ongoing works to continue are:

Ado Ekiti Flyover Bridge

Oja Oba Modern Market

Ikere Road Dualization

Construction of Governor’s Office and High Court Complex.

“We shall dualize more roads in some Local Government Headquarters. We hope to complete some ongoing rural electrification projects and start new ones in Ile Ona, Iwaji, Igeede, Ilokun and Aba Igbira Waste Plant among others. We intend to boost our capacity in Agriculture by supporting our farmers in Cocoa and Rice production”

But beyond this what do you expect from the state in the year 2017. In terms of accountability and transparency, can you rate Ekiti state?, let us have your take on this.


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