2019Elections: You may need to go with these items to your Polling Unit

by Editor

Let’s try to figure out what you may need on your way to vote this Saturday. Yea, there is no doubting the fact that your PVC is important, it is what you need to cast your vote.

But let’s look at it this way, you get to your polling unit and realised that you are not the only one who want to perform his/her civic responsibilities, hundreds of people want to do so at the same time, hence you may need to be on the queue till it gets to your turn. How do you keep yourself from being tired or bored?

  1.  Make sure you look sportish and smart in your dressing
  2.  You may need to go with your headphones, it may be the right time to do a Timi Dakola ( Great Nation)
  3. If you went with your phone, then you need a power bank to charge when your battery goes down.
  4. A face cap is not a bad Idea, especially if you are unable to get an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun.
  5. You definitely need an umbrella, the weather is not predictable, the seasons have changed, a downpour could happen at any time.
  6. You need a bottle of water, you don’t want taste to influence your vote though (Smiles)
  7. Sun-glass is not a bad idea, the sun could be up there and some times right before you.
  8. You may have to wait for hours to cast your vote, and you don’t want to go through that ordeal on empty stomach, a freshly baked snacks could do the magic.
  9. You may want to consider a hand fan.

Get yourself properly kitted and shun all forms of electoral violence, you may want to stay till the end to hear the result. It’s also your responsible to protect your vote.


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