#OpenLagosBudget: Lagos budget and breakdown to be uploaded—Steve Ayorinde

by Usman Alabi

After a week long campaign on our twitter handle on #OpenLagosBudget. The commissioner for Information in Lagos responded to our call on him on the matter. He said the budget would be uploaded.

“..Yes the budget and the breakdown will be uploaded on the website asap” said Mr Steve Ayorinde.

We have also vowed to follow the matter to a logical conclusion. We would continue to monitor the Lagos State government site to see if the budget would be uploaded as promised, If not we would continue with the campaign and the pressure to ensure that people have access to the budget.

The Lagos state government must realize that the hallmark of democracy is accountable and transparency, freedom of information and accessibility to government data especially that which has to do with how money is spent and what it is been spent on.

We would continue to track the budget and update you as events unfold.


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