Amount received by states from the federation account in the first quarter after deductions

by Opeoluwa Quadri

S/N States Amount  (N)
1 Abia N8.42 bilion
2 Adamawa N7.8 billion
3 Akwa Ibom N34.88 billion
4 Anambra N8.7 billion
5 Bauchi N7.9 billion
6 Bayelsa N22.97 billion
7 Benue N8.16 billion
8 Borno N9.74 billion
9 Cross River N4.28 billion
10 Delta N21.54 billion
11 Ebonyi N7.56 billion
12 Edo N6.5 billion
13 Ekiti N4.97 billion
14 Enugu N7.86 billion
15 Gombe N6.35 billion
16 Imo N7.92 billion
17 Jigawa N9.66 billion
18 Kaduna N10.56 billion
19 Kano N14.02 billion
20 Katsina 10.05 billion
21 Kebbi N8.37 billion
22 Kogi N8.28 billion
23 Kwara N6.9 billion
24 Lagos N19.03 billion
25 Nasarawa N7.41 billion
26 Niger N9 billion
27 Ogun N4.98 billion
28 Ondo N10.22 billion
29 Osun N1.76 billion
30 Oyo N8.9 billion
31 Plateau N5.7 billion
32 Rivers N26.8 billion
33 Sokoto N9.07 billion
34 Taraba N6.9 billion
35 Yobe N8.33 billion
36 Zamfara N5.91 billion


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