Enugu tracking: Failed box culvert at New Haven junction, Enugu

by Ajadi Daniel

A failed box culvert at New Haven Junction Enugu led to the diversion of traffic to one lane. The commissioner for works according to blueprint Africa explained that the Chime Avenue which was built by one of the past administrations in the state, had “a box culvert failure at the centre lane of the dual carriage way” adding that “a quick intervention” has been carried out by his team.

According to him “we are taking due diligence, engineering application from ministry of works and Infrastructure to restore this particular culvert to a good standard that will equally sustain the infrastructure we have” He advised rod users that to be patient with them, as concrete pullout is not something that can be done overnight. He promised that the road will be opened in three weeks, and that all precautionary and safety measures have been taken to ensure that there is no diversion.

“There are caution signs to caution people, there are reflectors. We will ensure that even at Night, we get bigger reflectors to ensure that motorists do not pass here”. He said.


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