2019 Elections: How to check your PVC status after you must have registered

by YWriter

Step 1

Check your voter status by sending an SMS with your state, last name, last five-digit Voter Identification Number (VIN) to 081-7164-6879. You should receive a response within 15 minutes. Text messages are charged at the Local network rates.

Format: Oyo, Madu, 41987

Step 2

INEC has a voters’ status verification fused on their website. With this you can know the status of your PVC in four steps

State of Registration (Where you initially enlisted)

Last name (Surname)

Enter the last 5 digits of your Voter Identification Number (VIN)

Then click the check status button

Your voter status will be shown on the screen as soon as it is ready, here is a screen shot of a voter’s status

With this, You know your enrolment ward and the polling unit to collect your Permanent Voters’Card (PVC)

So why don’t you try this out and check your PVC status here


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