The last time you wanted to see your local government chairman, how long did it take

by Ajadi Daniel

“It took two months and I never saw him” was that your experience too. How long did you wait to see your local government chairman? did you see him.

How do you govern a people that you don’t hear from, how do you say you lead a government at the grassroots when you are not even accessible to the retched of the earth? That is why it is called local government. If you have a good Idea you feel can be amplified by the local government, you might never see your LGA chairman until the time to stage such Idea elapsed, and when you finally do, you realise that your LGA chairman is also a hustler whose first question to you is “What is in there for me”.

Most local government chairmen in Lagos has just one visiting day in a week which is never enough, this one day does not apply to their party stalwart who visit every day in a week with the chairman giving them special priority, also on visiting days the chairman strolls into the office by 10am and might not start attending to people until after an hour and by 3pm, he is done, half of this time, he is not exactly addressing real issues or giving audience to his constituents, he is rather attending to his party stalwarts or even attending to personal business. So those that are unable to see him are told to come the following week. If you are from Mushin LGA, Yaba LCDA, Alimosho LGA, then you already understand what I am talking about. These Local government chairmen are never available to attend to their constituents, it might take you the whole tenure of the local government chairman to see him, and when you do, it might be on his campaign posters for second term in office.

Share with us what you went through the last time you wanted to see your LGA chairman and how long it took you.


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