Dear Ibikunle Amosun, in case you forgot, Arepo is a community in Ogun state

by Usman Alabi

In case your excellency forgot, Arepo community is still part of Ogun state, it is possible you lose touch of this community because it is on the fringes of your state.

It is also our pleasure to inform you that Arepo is a satellite town off the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State, though there are report that you once payed a visit to the community in 2015 when you were seeking for re-election.

There is no doubting the fact that the border communities in Ogun state especially those between Ogun and Lagos have been neglected by their own government.

These communities, Arepo, Magboro, Mowe, Ibafo, etc are been plagued by the absence of basic amenities especially roads and electricity. The connecting roads to most of these communities are in complete state of disrepair.

Your excellency, the residents of Arepo community who are also citizens of the state seem to have had enough as they have decided to find an alternative to your government. They claimed that they have written several letters to the state government regarding the state of their road with no reply or feedback.

According to This Day newspaper, the residents of the Arepo community recently convened a meeting with the goal of raising money to fix the community’s terrible roads, which is to start with the construction of a 1.2km road, the decision was said to have been taken after endlessly waiting for your government to come to their aid.

Issues such as this is why citizens do not feel that they owe the government any obligation whatsoever, this also explain their nonchalance when it comes to voting or participating in elections. What credible reason do we have to give these people in border communities to participate in elections, especially given the fact that they practically provide everything they need, be it electricity, water, security and recently roads. This people are tax payers and are entitled to basic amenities and infrastructures that improve the quality of live.

Your excellency, no nation that intends to develop places the responsibility of governance on her people, when the people begin to provide alternative to their own government, it is nothing but a sign of state failure.

The developed countries of today are those that places high premium on the quality of life of their citizens. Government is a social contract between the government and the governed, it is not a one-way channel. The people have the right to be heard when they speak or make demands.

When the people begin to pay for what they are entitled to from their government, it is not a sign of good things to come.

 It is important that that Your Excellency look into this issue, and make the necessary amends.


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