Don’t sit there complaining, your PVC is the tool to rejig the system

by Ajadi Daniel

What exactly does it take to be a citizen or what makes a citizen? A citizen is not just a person, he is a stakeholder, a member and part of the commonwealth. He is a part of the social contract and he guilds his estate. His estate is the state.

You are not a citizen just because you were born in the country, you are one because you do not give up on the country and you are vigilant. You are never tired of being active, this perhaps is what makes you a popular sovereign.

The general elections are near, and there is need for active participation in the electoral system, it is not enough to complain about the present situation, even you can be wrong with the last attempt at voting the right candidates, elections are opportunities to change errant leaders who do not live up to the mandate of their office, it is an opportunity for citizens to assert their intentions and create the leadership system they hope to see.

You need a PVC to rejig the political system. And situations would remain the same if you are not deliberate about getting involved.

The general election is less than eight months away, and there is still more time to get your PVC if you are yet to register for one. Perhaps, you need to begin to evaluate the performances of your representatives at various levels, including the law makers.

The status quo would remain the same except you are deliberate about participating in the next election, be a citizen, get your PVC, be involved.


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