#BeInvolved: You need a Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC)

by Ajadi Daniel

The only way you can effect a change of your choice is by obtaining your PVC. As simple as it is, it determines everything now even into the future and you cannot afford not to be involved. Why complain about government, when with a PVC, you can usher in an entirely new set of representatives, You can register to get your PVC at INEC LGA offices nearest to you

The quality of governance is determined by the quality of your choice, and then the people deserve the kind of leaders they get. This is why you need to be deliberate about 2019, and it has to be now, because the election is just months away.

You need a PVC to exercise your right to vote, and your vote really do count, it is your power. Every election comes with an agenda, can you afford to be left out of the agenda? With your PVC, you are the agenda, you are no more a person, you are no more what you do, you are a citizen, an electorate, one who has a direct influence on leadership. Every election you miss deprive you of quality leadership that is proudly of your own making, something you can genuinely own.

Enough of all the complaints, the answer lies in your PVC, the reason why you have to be serious about getting it. If the problem of the country is dearth of quality leadership, then with your PVC, you can give us that quality leadership.

You just need to be involved in 2019, you need to get a PVC if you have not. You are the popular sovereign and the future of leadership for Nigeria lies in your hands.

Don’t wait for the agenda to be set, be part of the agenda, be the agenda!


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