Change begins with your vote

by Opeoluwa Quadri

The only revolution in a democracy is the revolution of the ballot. Your vote is the most effective way of securing a government of your choice.

There is no doubting the fact that the last five years have been critical to Nigeria’s growing democracy, as well as a test of our electoral system. Yet it is the fanatical determination of the electorate that made the difference in those years, especially in 2015 when the unimaginable and unexpected happened, the people unseated a sitting government, the first time it would be happening in the country. It was perhaps a desperately needed change, the need forĀ  new narrative, and the people with their PVC went all out for it. The result is the present government.

Ever since then, change stop being a harmless word attached to the acronym of a political party, it stoped being the choice word by politicians who are only interested in swindling the people, it became an action word brought to life with the people’s PVC.

One of the few ways of making a politician keep to the mandate of his office is an election that is not devoid of people’s participation, an election where citizens understand that they truly hold the key to the outcome they want to see.

What happened in 2015 can happen in 2019, the country you want to see is a function of the quality of the choice you make at the election, but you cannot even participate in this election if you don’t have your PVC. It is important that you get your PVC and be prepared for 2019.

Hence get your PVC and be involved..


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