Dear #ActiveCitizens, here are the list of constituency projects proposed by your reps in Kano #BeInvolved

by Usman Alabi

Citizens need to ask questions and put their representatives on their toes. One of the reasons while leaders make promises and not fulfil is because they know citizens are not interested, and do not even take steps to access the information needed to take action.

This is why YMonitor have decided to simplify information on constituency projects across the country, as well as making this information available to constituents, with the hope that this will stimulate them to take action towards demanding accountability and good governance.

We have published Lagos and Imo states constituency projects as well as the representatives responsible for each project.

Below are the constituency projects of Kano state representatives in the National Assembly.

We encourage active citizens in Kano to ask questions, monitor and track the implementation of these projects.


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