Dear Ambode, should residents in CMD road and Magodo also vacate their houses due to the Olusosun smoke

by Opeoluwa Quadri

Just a month after the fire incident at the Olusosun dump site, the Lagos state government is yet to take any major step order than closing down the site. The smouldering fire though with less intensity still continue to emit gaseous smoke that creates environmental challenge to Ojota and environs.

Your Excellency has failed to take steps in the direction of reducing the smoke, neither have you shown any concern regarding the environmental effect of the persistent smoke which disturbs every citizen in Ojota, Ketu, Ikosi, 7up, Magodo and CMD road.

Hazy atmosphere at Motorways affecting visibility caused by smoke fog from Olusosun

You said in your last visit to the area when after the fire ravaged and in your address, you said the site would be turned into recreational hub which for now is only a promise that is not likely to be implemented this year. You are yet to hold any stakeholder to address the health implication of the site and the threat it poses to the lives of those who reside close to the area likewise those who are at a distance.

You also advised that residents should vacate the area due to the danger pose by the dumpsite, to where? Most of these people have been resident in Olusosun and environs even before the dumpsite came to be, and they watched it become a threat to their lives and properties, where do you expect them to go, should the people at Magodo, Ikosi and other part of Ojota who are also affected by the dumpsite vacate their houses too?

Olusosun smoke affecting visibility at old toll gate

It might interest you to know that those that works in that axis are not finding their work easy and most of them have to resort to leaving for safe areas to work. Those that work in Motorways for example were seen by our reporters leaving the building to another place to work, and we were told that this is the usual tradition since the smoke started.

Your excellency, it is not enough to lock down the site, but there is need to come out with an immediate comprehensive plan to address the environmental problem created by the site.


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