#Dirtierlagos: There is no Cleaner Lagos in this dirty Surulere

by Ajadi Daniel

Lagos cannot be cleaner with the mountain of waste seen in every corner of Surulere. Every nooks and crannies of Surulere is filled with dirt, an irritating site to behold. Some even believe that half of the dirt in Surulere is on Lawanson road alone, yet our dear Cleaner Lagos Initiative is doing nothing about this.

The picture below is that of Ekololu in Surulere, nothing has been done about the waste even till now. It is behind a bank and in front of the gate to an estate. It keeps increasing on a daily basis with unbearable odour. The usual tradition is that that waste truck comes to this site to clear the waste.

Randle avenue along the same route in Surulere, the dump site which could be seen below has been there for close to a week with no effort from the Cleaner Lagos team and LAWMA to remove the waste, since the people has no other alternative, they keep disposing their waste there hoping that they will come.

Obele also on Lawanso/Itire road is another site to behold. The dump site is right in front of a public primary school. The students are perhaps used to the fact that they have a government that does not take waste management seriously.

Ojuelegba is another dump site in Surulere. The site has not been emptied in more than one week.

The photo below is that of Barracks bus-stop in Ojuegba which is an eyesore.

Below are also photos of other dump sites in Surulere, along Lawanson/Itire road.

We think Lagos should declare a state of emergency on the dirt situation in the state.



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