Lagos tracker: Ijesha residents call on government to fix these four deplorable roads

by YWriter

Residents of Ijesha community in Lagos are calling on Lagos state government as well as the local governments under which they fall to fix four roads in the community, one of which is already receiving attention, even though work on the road is slow. Residents of the community who spoke to YMonitor laments the deplorable condition of Ijesha Market road, Adeshina street, Ijesha road, Aguntasholo street and Imam Thani street (The only one of the roads currently receiving attention). Some part of Ijesha falls under Mushin Local government like the Ijesha market road, other parts are under Ikate LCDA which is under Surulere local government.

  1. Ijesha Market Road: The road is in a deplorable condition, and it is worse during rainy season, it links the major market in Ijesha.

2) Adeshina Street: The street is a major street and one of the longest in the community, it leads to Ijesha express. Every part of the road is ravaged by portholes making it difficult for two vehicles to pass through simultaneously. Some vehicles cannot even ply Adeshina road without breaking down completely.

3) Ijesha Road: Ijesha road, also a link road in a deplorable condition, people that leaves in surrounding streets like Agunlejika, Aguntasholo, Imam Thani will burst out on the Ijesha road.

4) Imam Thani street: The street is known for the deplorable condition it was before the government began fixing it. Even now, residents complains that work on the road is slow due to the fact that funds are not being released in full. Yet the project is still ongoing.


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