Lagostracker: Road construction at Alakija distorts free flow of traffic

by Ajadi Daniel

The Lagos-Badagry express way in few years will become the pride of the state given the various road projects ongoing on this particular road. It is to house a modern rail line, a ten lane road, as well as other modern road projects. But for now, the citizens will have to bear the burden that this enormous construction brings. The various construction work on the exprss road have in one way or the other slow down the free flow of traffic especially in the morning as well as closing hours.

The Alakija section of the road which has a complex of flyovers as well as road project ongoing which leads to Dantata bus-stop according to a construction worker also has its share of the traffic challenge, especially at the under bridge section which is also a roundabout.

The project is perhaps proceeding at the expected speed, but the contractors and their employers will have to consider the challenge experienced by those that use the road, and add more momentum to the project without reducing the quality of their delivery.

The project is another huge project on that section of the road which involves a complex of flyovers and road construction. The exact cost of the project cannot be immediately ascertained, just like every other project on Lagos-Badagry express road, it was not listed in the budget.

There is no doubting the fact that the various projects ongoing on that road will contribute to improving transport network in the state, and perhaps make Lagos a city to behold. Even though the state needs to improve more on accountability and transparency.


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