#Lagostracker: Tracking the Lagos light project from mile 2 axis- see photos

by Ajadi Daniel

Call it an ambitious project, you are definitely not wrong, that is exactly what the Lagos light rail project is, as of now, it is very difficult to state categorically how much the state is spending on the project since it has exceeded the expected completion day four times, and there had been insinuations that funds is responsible for the delay.

The project contractor, CCECC is working on other section of the project, especially the flyover carriage, but the mile 2 section of the project has been left uncompleted for more than a year. The project at this site has remained the same way since YMonitor started reporting it in 2016.


The stoppage of work at that point has led could lead to carting away of the lines. Prior to this time, the Lagos state government occasionally gives update on the project, but for now, the state has remained silent leading to reports that the state might abandon the project.

Yet, one thing is sure, the Lagos light rail project is not one of those projects that can be abandoned by a government, much has gone into it and still going into it, there is a lot at stake, at YMonitor, we believe the state would have no other choice than to complete the project, but the exact time it will be completed, we cannot tell.


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