Ogun tracker: Alabgole road extension and the plight of commuters

by Chinedu Brown

Commuters who ply the Alagbole road on a daily basis have mixed feelings about the ongoing construction, many of them laments the environmental challenge they experienced while using the road, and the fact that the government has stayed too long on the project. The ongoing project currently hinders free flow of traffic as a narrow part of the road is being shared by those going into Alagbole and other adjoining communities and those exiting from Alagbole.

The environmental challenge experienced by commuters currently has no end in sight given the fact that the government are not clear on when the project will be completed. The flyover project which started more than three years ago and later abandoned for a while was continued last year, and now, work on the project still proceeds at a snail pace.

Recently, the government started work on the adjoining road to the project, properties that have encroached on the road have been demolished. The road extension which was not initially envisaged have had also led to mix feelings for those living in houses in the way of the ongoing construction demolished to give. Some houses were completely demolished while others that were partly destroyed have become shadows of their old selves.

There is no doubting the economic opportunities that awaits the completion of the project, but the complication brought by the ongoing project can be alleviated by the government taking the project seriously and completing it in time.

It is important that the Alagbole flyover is completed this year, the Alagbole flyover and Lambe flyover particularly need to be completed in time given the traffic challenge experienced by commuters plying these roads.


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