Ogun tracker: This flyover project in Agbado, Ogun state is taking long to be completed

by Chinedu Brown

This Agbado flyover is one of the five flyovers in Ifo, Ogun state. The projects were started at the same time, more than three years ago according to sources in the area, but none of them has seen the light of the day.

Agbado flyover has witnessed little improvement since work commenced at the beginning of this year after it was temporarily abandoned by the state. The heavily dusty road during the dry season still constitute a traffic menace mostly caused by the ongoing project.

The ongoing project which has constituted an environmental challenge to the people in the area is not even close to completion, the time of completion is exactly not predictable, as activities on the project site does not in any way indicate that it will be completed soon. The current pace of work suggests that the people will have to keep waiting for a while to see the project completed.

Agbado flyover and other similar flyovers in Ifo is a dent on the Ogun state government reputation and a justification that the state is a junkyard of abandoned projects. The rationale behind the project itself is questionable, especially now that it is fast becoming a white elephant project that the current administration might not be able to complete.


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