Ogun Tracker: See the present state of work on Akute flyover months after contractor returns to site

by Ajadi Daniel

The present state of work at the flyover in Akute, Ogun state is nothing to write home about. There is little or no difference between how the project was when it was abandoned and the present state several months after the contractor returned to site.

For more than six months, the contractor has been working on a particular section of the road, which involves the production of concrete slabs. Apart from this, nothing serious has been done on the project, it remains the same way it was before now.

Akute flyover looks more like a project that is been used to silence opposition and citizens by allowing skeletal work on the site with no intention to complete the project in time.

There is definitely no sign to prove that the project will be completed this year, the pace of work t the site is extremely slow, there is no energy.


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