Oguntracker: #Lafenwaroadconstruction-Vigilant Report

by  Hammed Folorunsho

The construction ongoing at the Lafenwa road has been on for more than two months, the intensity and the pace of work has reduced compared to when the work started.


The project is still ongoing, but the pace is obviously slow, one wonders if the state would be able to finish the project in time.


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The sections above is also part of the road, which is yet to be touched.


Yet the project is still considered as an ongoing projects. The roads have not been completed, though it has been graded, and if left that way, with the spate of the down pour, it would go back to what it use to be.


Cross section of partially completed lane at Lafenwa, which has been taken over by traders.

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The Ogun state government would need to more to facilitate the completion of the Lafenwa road project.



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