Oshodi tracker: Ongoing construction of the Oshodi transport interchange

by Opeoluwa Quadri

The project is targeted at the regeneration of Oshodi into a world class Central Business District (CBD).

The Oshodi transport interchange includes the merging of all 13 city and interstate parks in Oshodi into three multi-storey bus terminals to cater for parking and passenger demand. The terminals according to report gathered will have standard facilities such as waiting area, loading bays, ticketing stands, driver lounge, parking areas, rest rooms. It would also have walkways, pedestrian bridges and a state of the art sky walk to link all the three terminals, bus lanes, lay-bys, green parks to soften the environment and proper waste management strategy.

The project is a Public Private Partnership initiative between the Lagos state government and the Planet Projects Limited

The project which started in June 2016 was initially scheduled for completion in 15 months, but it is now in its 20th month.

YMonitor will continue to keep you updated on the progress of the project.


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