Shaping New Narratives: TFP open governance symposium white paper

by TFP

The annual TFP Symposium for Young and Emerging Leaders held on May 31, 2018. The symposium this year was strategically designed to discuss pathways to sustaining Nigeria’s democracy, encourage active citizen participation as well as shed more light on thematic issues related to Nation building. The latter issues became particularly important given the fact that the 2019 general elections is few months away.

Themed Shaping New Narratives, the symposium brought together more than 400 young people and student leaders from across the country, as well as seasoned guest panellists who are staunch advocate of good governance and citizens activism in their chosen fields. Some of the guest speakers were top government officials who gave account of their office as well as made promises on a more transparent government.

The Future Project (TFP) who were the organizers of the symposium supported by NED (National Endowment for Democracy) however produced a white paper of the symposium which detailed the various deliberations at the symposium as well as the conclusions.

Download TFP Symposium White Paper


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