The sorry state of the access road to one of Nigeria’s biggest Teaching Hospital

by Usman Alabi

Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) is reputed to be one of the best in the country, but this is definitely not in terms of infrastructure given the pathetic state of the access road to the Hospital, the first gate to the Teaching Hospital is nothing but a depiction of the failure of government at all levels. It shows the “I don’t care attitude” of the leadership of the institution. If the government is not taking responsibility, what will it cost the leadership of the institution to take initiative, even if they have to source funding from their Alumni.

 A former student union leader of the institution, Lekan who was also the Vice President of the University of Lagos Student Union before it was proscribed said thus “I met the road like that when I gained admission into LUTH, we made attempt at addressing it at the Union, but the usual friction at that level brought it to a standstill. It is actually the responsibility of the school authority and there was a time they told us that they are looking into it” he said. Lekan graduated early this year after six years of study. This means that the road had been this way for more than six years. The road situation is not only peculiar to the first gate of the school, but also the second gate. The second gate as could be seen below is also affected by dilapidated and neglected road.

The site is appalling, and nothing but a disgrace to the nation given the fact that the teaching hospital is a flagship institution. It is however business as usual when our reporter visited the school, as it seems everyone is used to the road especially as it turns out to be in the rainy season. No one is disturbed about it, the rain will come and go, and we will continue with the gallop. This is perhaps the same orientation that the school authority shares, the reason why they continue to neglect the entrance to their own institution for more than five years according to Lekan.

This will continue to be the situation until somebody that matters sees it as something shameful and demeaning.


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