These roads in Satellite town require the urgent attention of the Lagos state government

by Chinedu Okafor

Citizens in Lagos has express worry over the continued neglect of some areas by the Lagos state government, some of which are now shadows of what they used to be. The fact that there is no genuine and deliberate attempt on the part of government to address the infrastructural challenges in these areas is worrisome. Places like Ikorodu, areas that falls under Alimosho LGA, and communities in Lagos-Badagry expressway are groaning under this neglect.

Satellite town close to FESTAC is not left out. Some of the areas below require the immediate attention of the Lagos state government to put an end to the hardship people experience by using the roads.


This small town has to be the bench mark of slums in Lagos. Ijegun Egba, is a small town in the Oriade local government county which is rough as it sounds. The streets are flooded with Local gang boys, high level prostitution and high rate of poverty, but amongst these cons, it is the negligence of the government that stands out. The roads in this vicinity is a clear indication that the issue facing this town is as a result of the government abandonment. Things are so bad, that, despite the town housing an oil pipeline, and being a fuel tanker route, the roads are still a mess, causing time wasting gridlocks.

Community Road

This road is an extension of the Ijegun road, and as such, inherits the road’s bad condition.

Nepa Road/Redgate

Both Roads constitute one straight road that shares similar traits through and through. Land-marked by the NEPA office in the area, and a gate widely known by almost every individual in Satellite town by it’s mere mention; Red-gate. This road also leads to a very popular and accomplished secondary school in the area, Kings High School (KHS), so with it’s infrastructure, you would think that the town would get some attention from community leaders and of course – the government, unfortunately, it does not. The roads sometimes serves as the starting point of a gridlock that stretches all the way to Abula-Ado.

Red Gate


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