Vigilant Report: FG will attend to Shagamu-Ikorodu road when it becomes worse than this

by Chinedu Brown

The beautiful buildings at Shagamu-Ikorodu road are wonderful sight to behold, especially in this dry dusty weather. They are aesthetically painted by the sea of dust emanating from the busy road.

Shagamu-Ikorodu road is an inter-state road which leaves it in the purview of the federal government. And like one of the residents said “This road had always been this way since I know it, there had never been any repair carried out on the road”.

Shagamu-Ikorodu road is a sea of dust during the dry season and a lake of mud when the rain begins. Whichever time you find yourself plying through that road, it is usually in a sorry state. It is a case of no road with a thousand potholes at every section.

It is important that FG carry out a major repair on the road. An Okada rider who spoke to YMonitor stated that “The road is an inter-state road, it belongs to the federal government but it has been neglected and it has been this way for long. It is so difficult plying the road”.

The picture below is exactly what  the road look like during rainy season. There is no plan in the current budget to address the situation of the road.

We call on the FG to address the issue of the road, and ameliorate the challenges of the people.


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