Vigilant Report: Just like Apapa, see the deplorable state of Agege motor road, Mushin Olosha

by Chinedu Brown

Just like Apapa, Agege motor road, Mushin Olosha is in a deplorable state. It is nothing but an eye sore. The present state of the road is an open portrayal of the insensitivity of government and open display of irresponsible impunity by elected representatives at all levels, especially those that are directly concerned in the case of Agege motor road in Mushin Olosha. One wonders when we would get governance right in Nigeria, when the caretakers of the common wealth continue to turn blind eyes to obvious decay of public infrastructure that the people cannot do without.

One of the touts in the area who spoke to YMonitor stated thus “This is not the first time reporters will be coming here to take pictures, several media houses and concerned citizens had been here, petitions have been written, yet the government have done nothing, and they all pass here all the time”. Touts could be seen on the road directing the commuters to take on the path to follow, after which the touts demand a certain amount of money for their services, right there one of our reporters witnessed a tout demanding Five hundred naira from a car driver for just directing him on the path of the road to take.

These road is nothing but an embarrassment on the Lagos state government and they cannot continue to maintain loud silence. Obviously LASG is aware of the deplorable state of the road and the gridlock that ensues as a result. This is not good governance, Government should be responsive and sensitive.

Mushin Local government could also have done something about the deplorable state of the road, de-silting the drainage channels or even filling the large hole with red sand would have been worthwhile for a while. Yet with several possible options of dealing with the situation, both the state and local government are contented with maintaining the status quo.


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