Vigilant Report: See what people in Abeokuta go through to get water

by Hameed Folorunsho

Some communities in Abeokuta have rescind their hope in the ability of government to provide for them good pipe borne water. Residents of some communities in Abeokuta now sees the hardship they experience in getting water especially when the rain stops as part of their daily lives. In Abeokuta, it is not new to see people with their buckets and other containers in the morning fighting hard to get water from alternative sources, such as well, stream, privately owned boreholes, and some even pay as high as 50 naira to get a twenty five liters of water.

In the Sabo community of Abeokuta North LG, our reporter found out that at the Sabo Primary Health Center, there exist two boreholes, one is out-rightly damaged while the other is not serving the community. Walking some meters away, there exist another borehole which is totally out of use. As it was noted by one of the community members, it has been over 12 years since the Sabo community had access to pipe borne water from the state water corporation. This has necessitated the need for people living in this community to seek alternative sources of water for their use, part of which is Well, Rain, Stream and privately owned boreholes. People buy a 25 litres  from private boreholes at twenty naira to fifty naira

People washing from a meagerly flowing stream in Temidire community in Sabo, Abeokuta.



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