Vigilant Report: Lagos-Badagry road is already in a terrible state, except that Volks particularly stands out

by Chinedu Okafor

This Lagos Badagry-Express path, is just an extension of an already terrible state road, except that this road particularly stands out.

This particular section is at Volks, and despite the deterioration, the government has continued to pay lip service to the repair.

The road becomes waterlogged when it rains, and it is no better during dry season.

Lagos Badagry expressway despite few construction ongoing in some part of the road does not entirely speak well of Lagos state government in terms of infrastructural development. And until ongoing projects such as the Alaba road, Alakija and the Lagos light rail projects are completed, we can as well continue to say that Lagos-Badagry expressway is not a priority for Lagos state government.


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