Vigilant Report: Where are the Cleaner Lagos bins?

by Ajadi Daniel

Have you noticed that the Large green wheeler bin with Cleaner Lagos boldly written on it is no more around you?, The Lagos state government has not given any official explanation for this disappearance.

Few months ago when the Cleaner Lagos Initiative was put to work, the wheeler waste bin became a usual sight in every street corner, there is no major road in Lagos that does not have at least one of such wheeler bin. A beautiful sight to behold you might say, but Lagos was definitely not prepared for such aesthetic method of waste recycling. The Initiative only succeeded on the @CleanerLagos twitter handle.

Every street junction in Surulere for example has one of such basket, every flash point on mainland Lagos has at least one and in some cases two. Suddenly the green wheeler bin began to dissapear from the road until we are practically left with none. A ride from Ketu down to Surulere is now devoid of the usual wheeler bin scenery. Lawanson road until now has atleast one of such basket at every junction, same applies to Ojuegba where two of such wheeler bin were placed, also at various bus stop on Ikorodu road, the bin are conspicuously placed for people to dispose their waste. But all these are in the past as most of these bins have been removed.

We can only perhaps assume that the return of the PSP operators back to the business might be an explanation to this, or the operators have suddenly realised that the baskets in Lagos without enough compactors would only increase the mountain of dirts rather than reducing them.

We contacted cleaner Lagos on this issue, but did not get any reply from them even after they promised to respond.

Share with us if it’s the same around you.


  1. This is a good observation by the writer. However, there is a particular reason for the withdrawal of those bins. Those bins were initially put there to cater for the “bottle water, food wrappers’ etc that would otherwise have been dropped on the roads. Lagosians abused it and started using it for heavy waste which were meant to be handled from the source(home) by waste evacuators. You should also have noticed that the rate of refuse on the media/highways have reduced considerably as a result of the said withdrawal of the bins. It is not yet uhuru, but it is a step forward in the right direction.


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