Vigilant Report: Ofin road in Ikorodu is a perfect example of how far flung areas are neglected in Lagos

by Chinedu Brown

Ofin road in Igbogbo area of Ikorodu had been neglected for more than five years. Whatever history of asphalt on this road is completely washed away. Commuters with vehicles find it difficult navigating the road especially in rainy season, in fact, when there is heavy rain, it is practically difficult to navigate the road. Much of the development in Lagos seem to be centred in the metropolitan section of Lagos mainland and Lagos Island, thus neglecting far flung areas like ofin.

Ofin road, Ijagemo, Ijegun in Ojo LGA are good examples of far flung areas in the state that have been neglected compared to the mainland and island parts of Lagos.

Presently, as could be seen in the pictures, Ofin road in Igbogbo area of Ikorodu is completely gone making it difficult to navigate the road.

Ikorodu LGA will need to come out with a temporary solution to address the present state of the road while they wait on LASG to fix it. How long that will take, no one knows, but it has already taken more than three years.

The Lagos state government will also need to wake up to its responsibility by fixing some of these inner roads. For some of these far flung areas, that is the only way they can feel the impact of government. Aside from these, it does not matter what the government is doing else where if people in communities like Ofin still find it difficult getting to their place of work because the government have refuse to fix their road.


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