Voters Education Series: Roles of security agents in the elections

by Ajibola Emmanuel

It’s important that you know the roles of security agents on election duty on the day of election duty. They include the following:

  • Provide security at the Polling Units’/polling stations and collation centers to ensure that the Polling Units, counting of ballots, collation and declaration of results are conducted without any disturbance;
  • Take necessary measures to prevent violence or any activity that can threaten to disrupt the elections;
  • Comply with any lawful directive(s) issued by or under the authority of INEC;
  • Ensure the safety and security of all election personnel and materials by escorting and guarding the materials at all levels as appropriate;
  • Arrest on the instruction of the Presiding Officer or other INEC officials, any person(s) causing any disturbance or preventing the smooth conduct of proceedings at Polling Units/Stations and Collation Centers;
  • On the instruction of the Presiding Officer, stand at the end of the queue of voters at the Polling Unit at the official close of poll to prevent any person joining in;
  • Escort the Presiding Officer and other election officials to deliver the election results, ballot boxes and other election materials safely to the RA/Ward Collation Centre; and
  • Escort Collation Officers to deliver election results to the Returning Officer and subsequently to the Resident Electoral Commissioner or Electoral Officer, as the case may be, for the submission of election materials and results. Role of Security Agents.


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