YMonitor Voter Education Series: Election day Offences

by Ajibola Emmanuel

No person shall on the date an election is held do any of the following acts or things in a polling unit or within a distance of 300 metres of a polling unit-

  1. Canvass for votes;
  2. Solicit for the vote of any voter
  3. Persuade any voter not to vote for any particular candidate;
  4. Persuade any voter not to vote at any election;
  5. Shout slogans concerning the election;
  6. Be in possession of any offensive weapon or wear any dress or have any facial or other decoration which in any event is calculated to intimidate voters;
  7. Exhibit, wear or tender any notice, symbol photograph or party card referring to the election;
  8. Use any vehicle bearing the colour or symbol of a political party by any means whatever;
  9. Loiter without lawful excuse after voting or after being refused to vote;
  10. Snatch or destroy any election materials; and
  11. Blare siren


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