YMonitor Quarterly show: Analysing 2018 Budget and cost of Governance [Video]

by YWriter

The YMonitor quarterly show for this quarter was centred on Änalysing 2018 Budget and the cost of Governance, the topic of discourse was “2018 Budget: Cost of governance and matters arising. The guest on the show was Gabriel Okeowo, GM BudgiT Nigeria.

The National Assembly recently claimed that there was nothing innovative about the 2018 budget other than the usual annual ritual of budget preparations from various parastatals of government. The speaker said that in 2018, there might not be any significant change giving the fact that it is a pre-election year. According to him, one would have expected that the government focus more on tangible projects that will likely make the people to return them to power, but there is nothing of such. he stated thus “The senate not been excited about the budget may not also change until we are able to evolve a system where budget preparation can be drawn from the citizen”. The system should be designed to collate the needs of the people such that it can be included in the budget.




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