YMonitor Voter Education Series: Use of telephones and other electronic gadgets at the polling units

by Ajibola Emmanuel

Telephones and other electronic devices capable of taking pictures are not allowed in voting cubicles. Voters may come to the Polling Unit with telephones and other electronic devices provided that they do not take them to the voting cubicles or take pictures of other voters while they are voting.

After thumb printing the ballot, while still in the voting cubicle, the voter shall carefully fold the marked ballot paper in the same manner that the Presiding Officer had pre-folded the ballot before issuing it to the voter and proceed to drop it in the appropriate ballot box. Additional ballot boxes will be provided where necessary.

Access to Polling Units and Collation Centers

The following shall be allowed access to the electoral material distribution centers, Polling Units, Polling Stations and Collation Centers:

(i) Voters (at Polling Units only)

(ii) INEC officials on election duty

(iii) Security agents

(iv) Candidates or their accredited polling agents.

(v) Accredited journalists/media

(vi) Accredited domestic and foreign observers


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