There is still more to do in Ijoko despite the ongoing flyover project by Ogun

by Ajadi Daniel

The sea of red sand that welcomes you in the dry season on Ijoko road becomes mulky mud that makes your movement difficult when it rains. One side of the Ijoko road has been tared while the other side is begging for repair.

The town itself is a beehive of activities, especially the market, we did not expect less. A railway line go through the market, and people don’t mind putting their wares near the lines or sometimes on it.

Ijoko flyover

The situation of Ijoko road does not only end at Ijoko market, but also extends to the next community at Agbado, the adjoining road between these two community is in a complete state of disrepair, and their is no attempt at working on this road.

The Ijoko Flyover Bridge project contracted to Central South Construction Company according to residents was started seven years ago, it was abandoned at a point in time before it was revisited. Residents while lamenting on the state of the project claimed that the state governor while campaigning for reelection, promised to complete the project in his second term in office (A project he started), yet seven years after, Ogun state government is yet to complete the project.

The presence of the project has in one way or the other affected the lives of citizens in the community, especially those that are domiciled in the area, traders and transporters. There are also questions as to the quality of the project, this is particularly against the background of the fact that the project was abandoned for some time before it was returned to. Many have argued that the state government seems to be more in a rush to complete the project at all cost irrespective of the materials that is been used.

Work ongoing at the Ijoko flyover in Ogun

Even at this, it is the people that bears the brunt. Ijoko flyover project is far from being completed especially given the fact that the adjoining road linking the community to other communities is in a complete is a complete state disrepair.

YMonitor thinks the project needs to be comprehensive, the adjoining roads should be reconstructed. Ogun state government should be clear on what it intends to do with the traders under the Ijoko bridge, there is need for to address the chaos there, combined with the fact that it has been turned to a bus park.

The economic advantage the completion of this project would have on the community cannot be overemphasized.


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