10 August 2022

2023 Elections: It’s not enough to register for your PVC

The just concluded voter registration exercise saw the registration of 12,298,944 new voters. Ever since the electoral body initiated the PVC drive on 28th June 2021, […]
9 August 2022

The inherent corruption in Constituency Projects in Nigeria

Since the transition to democratic government in 1999, trillions of public funds have been allocated to Constituency Projects as recommended by Lawmakers in the legislative arm […]
4 August 2022

What next after a successful Continuous Voter Registration exercise?

After the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)  announced the commencement of permanent voters card registration on 28th June 2021, the initial reactions by citizens were lacklustre […]
30 July 2022

Banditry: A raging menace threatening the sovereignty of Nigeria

Various issues have been plaguing the Northern part of the country. This includes widespread poverty, massive illiteracy rate, porous borders, and most importantly, banditry and insurgency. […]
25 July 2022

The loss of political ideologies in Nigerian politics 

A ubiquitous yet crass aspect of Nigerian politics is the incessant decamping of politicians to other political parties after or during the election period. For example, […]
22 July 2022

Citizen Vigilance Report: Flooding is making life unbearable for Lagosians

The rains have not taken easy on Lagosians in the past few days. It has been a tug of war between Osun (the river goddess) and […]
22 July 2022

YMonitor extends Local Government Performance Survey to Yobe State 

There has been a constant rise in the demand for good leadership across all levels and tiers of government. The local government administrations, close to the […]
21 July 2022

Local Government Performance Assessment  kicks off in Kwara State.

Local government authority exists to provide an organized system where they exercise their power and act responsibly to work together for peace, order and good governance […]
16 July 2022

Corruption and the failure of Nigeria’s Anti-graft Wars

Since returning to democracy in 1999, Nigeria has been plagued with myriad issues, which include Insecurity, dilapidated infrastructure, and epileptic electricity; corruption takes the crown among […]