Vigilant Report: This is the reason for the bad state of Lawanson Itire road

by  YWriter

Men putting on Mushin Local Government uniform were seen yesterday removing blockages from the drainage channels beside the road.The drainage because it is blocked is unable to flow freely which then pushes the water out into the main road. The water at the middle of the road weakens the asphalt and eat into the ground thus overtime creating several potholes on the road. The Lawanson Itire road is presently in a bad shape as a result of that. Lending to the fact that we have a poor maintenance culture in the country.

The case becomes worse during rainy season, practically rendering the road unmotorable. This is perhaps what led the Mushin Local government to take initiative yesterday by sending her workers to manually de-silt the drainage by removing the various blockages in the gutter to free the drainage channels, so has to allow for easy flow of the water. Why at the scene yesterday, commuters and traders considered it a temporary solution, one of them stated that, If the government can immediately remove the dirt brought out of the drainage channel, it could be free for another two years. Most times when government empties a drainage channel, they leave the dirt behind the drainage, which then flows back into the channel. But based on our investigation, what the LGA is doing is nothing but a temporary solution, the government need to come up with a comprehensive drainage plan that will include the citizens by encouraging them to take ownership of government projects around them.

But before this, the state government need to fix the Lawanson Itire road, or else, this temporary solution by Mushin LGA is nothing but a waste of time and tax payers’ money.


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