2019Election: Exercise your right, make sure you vote

by Alabi Usman

If you have got your PVC, you have no reason not to vote. There is an urgent need for strategic involvement of citizens in the process of electing new leaders. If we must get it right in the next four years, it must start from now.

Voting is your civic obligation, it is what you owe the state, it validates our social contract, it is a confirmation of the legitimacy of the state to administer in the interest of the citizens. In recent times, we have witnessed low voters turn out, and somehow it has in one way or the other affect the outcome of the results. It is important that we are all speaking in unison through our vote, when it comes to casting your vote, no one can speak for you, it has to be you.

The 2019 election is as important as every election we have had so far in the country, especially given the fact that in the last few years, we have witnessed aggravation of some socioeconomic challenges that we thought would have been done away with by this time, security challenges spilling to other part of the country with fellow Nigerians loosing their lives for avoidable reasons. You would have to either express your trust in the capacity of the present administration to tackle these challenges or give your mandate to one of the numerous options we have at our disposal. Whichever way you want to go, your vote will count and your voice will be heard. But you have to believe in the power of your one vote, you need to understand that it is an expression of your conscience, no one can pay for it because it is priceless, and even the future would be depended on the decision you make with that vote. Hence it is important that you cast your vote, and do it wisely come this Saturday.

If we all go out to vote, it would be difficult to rig the election, or make up figures.

All you need is your PVC, you can vote with any of your fingers, just make sure you thumb print within the box and it it does not extend to the other box, so as to prevent void vote.


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