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Free The Information (FOI Teaser)

You can’t cage what’s meant to be known. You can’t “put a stone on it.” You can’t lock it away!!! Information wants to be free #IWTBF […]

The FOIAct is a weapon for accountability

Secrecy is a cowardly government’s weapon of choice against public scrutiny. The contempt for the Freedom of Information Act is a sign that the foundations of […]

FOI Application


Freedom Of Information Request In Nigeria The Freedom of Information Act 2011 gives everyone the right to request information. We are the primary regulator and source […]

Freedom of Information (FOI) Act in Nigeria

Having access to public information can also mean Freedom of Information. This explicitly refers to a citizen’s right to access information held by public authorities. FOI […]

FOIAct is a weapon for Accountability

Do you know that there’s an act in the constitution that allows you get access to information from public institution (government)? The FOIAct is weapon for […]

How You Can Make A Freedom of Information (FOIAct) Request in Nigeria

Empowering Nigerians with accountability tools might just be the first strategic step towards building a culture of transparency in governance. Do you know you can make […]

Is a Freedom Of Information (FOIAct) Request Free of Charge? #FAQs

Frequently asked. #FAQs on the #YMonitorFOI Is a request free of charge? Well, it is except in cases where the information required has to be duplicated […]

What Happens After A Freedom Of Information (FOIAct) Request Is Made? (Part One) #FAQs

Frequently Asked. More on #YMonitorFOI What happens after you have made your request? Visit: https://ymonitor.org/foi/ for more on all your answered FOI questions Are you following […]