Issue 032: Who’s Next?


If you’ve ever tried juggling balls before you’ll know how hard it can be to balance all of them especially when you’re new at it. Just like how tricky juggling balls are Nigeria is finding it difficult to keep up its own end of the bargain in gas deals. Just like the controversial P&ID gas deal Nigeria has gotten itself in yet another gas deal gone bad. This time a gas deal between the National Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) and Accugas Ltd has gone south forcing the Federal government to keep paying over $10 million with or without gas supply to the Calabar Electric Generation Company (CEGC) by Acugas limited.

At this rate you begin to wonder how many more sloppy gas deals are out there that we’re yet to hear off? What is it going to take for Nigeria to put on her big girl boots and keep to her own end of the bargain? These deals if they had gone through could have helped a lot of citizens with electricity instead its costing the nation money.
I would like to say this is the last of such cases, but knowing Nigeria there’s always an unexpected surprise lurking in the shadows.



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