Local Government Performance Report

11 May 2021

The Future Project to embark on Local Government Performance Report to assess delivery of public goods

To further reiterate its vision towards inspiring a generation of equipped leaders committed to social and economic development in Africa, The Future Project sets to launch […]
19 February 2021

Problems of local governments in Nigeria and the proffered solutions

Being the third tier of government, the local government was created to give the citizens a sense of belonging through developments from grassroots level governance.   However, […]
5 February 2021

The importance of Financial independence in LG administration 

The more significant part of Nigeria’s 774 local governments is in an awful monetary position. This critical circumstance can be attributed to a range of elements […]
3 February 2021

The Need for Accountability in Grassroot Government

Today, it is elegant to hear how important It is to have excellent administration to improve. As recommended by the advocates, excellent administration incorporates a few […]
3 February 2021

Is Local Government effective in Nigeria?

Numerous nations in Africa face different difficulties, including restricted frameworks, the absence of social administrations such as education, wellbeing frameworks and slow monetary development. However, expanding […]
4 December 2020

The Duties of Local Governments as contained in the 1999 Constitution

The role of a local government and its agencies in societies can never be over stated. It’s imperative for us to know the different duties & […]