Looking for a mega city with mega potholes? Lagos is your best bet


Potholes are not far fetched on Lagos roads, most times this is because of the low quality of materials used in construction as well as shabby work done by the contractors.In Lagos we are perhaps used to mega potholes, and we are no more worried.

Jakande road along ikotun road is one of such pothole infested roads in a deplorable condition. The potholes are deep and they are on virtually every section of the entire stretch, and both sides of the road. The road has been this way for more than two years with no effort from the government to address it.

Pictures of the road are documented below.

We are calling on the Lagos state government to immediately address the condition of this road, the last effort aimed at dragging their attention to the situation of the road has fallen on deaf hears. We are hoping that Lagos state public works corporation will immediately look into this road and come up with a palliative measure to mitigate the challenge experienced by commuters using the road.



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