Eyo Emmanuel

When you think of Nigeria, a lot of things come to mind, unfortunately mostly negative. From the bad roads, poor electricity the list is endless. Then there’s the nagging issue of security, you begin to think of how unsafe Nigeria has become in recent times. From the insurgence in the north to the increase of armed robbery and kidnapping.

Unfortunately not everyone agrees that insecurity has been on the rise in recent times, one of such people is Garba Shehu the senior special assistant to the president on media and publicity, according to him “At the moment, the Nigerian government under President Buhari has made the country safer than it met it”. While you take a minute to digest that I ask, is it possible that we all, I mean we the citizens could be living in an alternate reality? Maybe we don’t live in the same reality as these politicians. That has to be the only logical explanation for some of the things they say. The Nigeria I live in has me clutching my pearls anytime I walk on the streets, but in Garba Shehu’s Nigeria, he probably walks on streets with well-built walk ways with passersby smiling at you like something from a toothpaste commercial.




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