Some areas in Ogun state deserve serious attention and the governor is not even looking [Photos]

by Omoleye Omoruyi

The state of public infrastructure in parts of Ogun state is nothing to write home about.

Adjoining roads in Ifo LGA of Ogun state can best be described as DEATH TRAPS. YMonitor took a trip to some areas in Ogun State, more like abandoned villages or settlements, however you want to call it, and you will understand that the so-called ‘people in power’ – state governments in this instance – will only pay attention to those areas that newsmen or media houses attempt to visit and leave out the outskirts, border areas and towns that are far flung, yet within their states.

The adjoining road between Ijoko and Agbado is in a complete state of disrepair, it especially becomes a burden during rainy seasons, given the absence of drainage. citizens in this area have given up on their complaints, they all assume that government is an institutions that does not listen when the people call. Same goes for other roads between Agbado and Lambe, Lambe and Akute, as well as Akute and Alagbole.

At this point, only pictures will make us fully comprehend what is being said here:

Ijoko-Agbado road in Ogun state
Ijoko to Agbado road



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