Accountability and transparency

25 May 2021

Building The Africa We Want Through Good Governance and Accountability

At a time when democracy and rule of law are emerging as acceptable models of ensuring political development in Africa, the winners-take-all system among political elites […]
8 April 2021

Accountability and Transparency: Ideal Pillars of Good Governance

Without doubt, good governance is equivalent to accountability and transparency, as an effective and efficient democratic system relies hugely on transparency and accountability.   In essence, transparent […]
2 November 2020

The FOIAct is a weapon for accountability

Secrecy is a cowardly government’s weapon of choice against public scrutiny. The contempt for the Freedom of Information Act is a sign that the foundations of […]
7 March 2017

YMonitor Accountability watch: Our Governors and the myth of accountability

by Usman Alabi Analysis Accountability is also a core characteristic of democracy, it is an essential item that cannot be overemphasized in the discourse of democratic […]