15 January 2023

Why True Federalism Matters in Nigeria

Federalism is a system of government where political powers are shared between the federating units – the national and state governments. This definition would be familiar […]
21 December 2022

We Should All Support Local Government Autonomy

Ever found yourself thinking, “What exactly is the work of my local government chairman?” Well, we did ask people about their perception of their local government […]
1 June 2021

Nigerian Constitution and the Challenges to the Practice of Federalism

Following the provisions of section 2(1), (3) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Nigeria is made up of a collection of thirty-seven […]
4 February 2021

Nigeria’s Federalism is a failed one [An Analysis]

Nigeria’s federalism is a failed one: An analysis. The increased advocacy for true federalism in Nigeria, after the 1999 democratic transition indicates a defect with the […]