3 November 2022

Infographic: How President Buhari Plans to Spend the 2023 Budget

Ever wondered what Ministry, Department or Agency (MDAs) will be most prioritised in 2023? We did a breakdown of the budgetary allocation to MDAs
2 November 2022

Infographic: Is Nigeria Spending Enough on Education?

Following the eight months #ASUU strike that brought tertiary education to its knee in Nigeria, questions are being asked on how education will be prioritised in 2023. So, […]
6 September 2022

How Indebted are State Governments to their Workers? {Infographics}

State governments are expected to be the most protective of their workers; however, they are the biggest culprits of unpaid salaries to civil servants. In today’s […]
31 August 2022

How Youths can leverage on networking to foster community development

The youths are active members of any given community, and they play a massive role in the development of their society. Networking is just one of […]
31 August 2022

Local Government Administration in Nigeria: Effective or unnecessary?

Local government administration in Nigeria has been in existence since 1972. However, its inefficiency and ineffectiveness in addressing the primary needs and wants of the people […]
31 August 2022

The Alarming state of security in Nigeria

Insecurity has become a grave concern to all well-meaning Nigerians who continue to wonder how the country arrived at such a cruel situation where no one […]
31 March 2021

How Much Are Nigerian States Owing?

The nation’s rising debt profile is alarming, especially among state governments whose total Internally Generated Revenue is below their debt profiles, thus implying a sinking economy. […]
26 March 2021

How FG spent over N1.5trn on endless refineries’ revamp, maintenance in five years

Despite the criticisms trailing the Federal Government’s plan of spending $1.5 on the decrepit Portharcort refinery’s rehabilitation, the Federal Government is to forge ahead with its […]
24 March 2021

Who Is Nigeria owing?

The unsustainable rise in Nigeria’s debt profile is alarming, and we surely need no rocket science to understand that the huge debt stock undermines the country’s […]