Vigilant Report: Watch out for this large pothole when driving through Lawanson

by Chinedu Brown

Lawanson road in Surulere is currently in a bad shape, and it has been for more than a while. From Ogunlana section of the road down to pako bust-stop, the road is nothing but an eyesore.

There are deep potholes on the road.  They are large potholes because there are no more identifiable traces of asphalt on these spots. These potholes were caused mainly by the drainage network which has been obstructed from flowing freely due to refuse and waste blockage. This situation led to water flowing out into the road which often washes off the asphalt layer completely. There had been attempts by the Mushin Local Government to disilt the drainage, but that solve the damage that has already been done. A completely damaged section of the road washed off by water from the drainage can be seen opposite almost immediately after the Obele primary school. Commuters often had to slow down when driving through this large pothole which is few metres opposite school.

Another part of the road almost similar to this is at Total filling station junction in Lawanson, which has also been damaged by drainage water.

The Lagos state government need to carry out a comprehensive repair on the road to avoid further damage.



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