YMonitor Issue 021: Fuji House?

by Eyo Emmanuel

Is it just me or sometimes, does it feel like living in Lagos has to be a claustrophobe’s night mare. Where ever you look you find people, when you walk on the street there are people, when you drive your car there are people, sometimes even when you’re in the loo, you can’t help but feel eyes looking down at you because that’s just how over populated Lagos is. Which bothers the question what exactly is the Lagos state government doing to curb our population crisis? Apparently, not much.

In 2018 the family planning need for Lagos state was put at 1.3 billion naira, however only 117.5 million naira was allocated for family planning and as if that wasn’t small enough only a not so impressive 9.9 million naira was eventually released considering the actual amount required to carry out effective family planning. You’d think that with over twenty one million people in Lagos and still counting that Lagos would be more forthcoming in taking strides to curb the population crisis. There are families giving birth to more children than they can take care of. A family with an income below minimum wage ends up having five children with no means to provide for them. Fuji House of Commotion might have been a funny show but the harsh realities of large families with minimal income were very evident.

Hopefully there will be an improvement in  2019, fingers crossed people, fingers crossed.



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